Crummy Gummy is an established photographer who's work can be found in galleries across North America.  A major inspiration is using things he was fond of as a child in his artwork. Ether that be gummy bears, comics or popular toys they are always a reoccurring subject in his work.

His latest series  "Feeling Plastic" was inspired by his interest with shows like Botched where patients who have received excessive or poor plastic surgery look to get more done or fix what was done to them.  “I was amazed at the lengths people went to get that “Look” they always wanted. Many of them took dangerous health risk or had unrealistic ideas of what the surgery would do for them.” In this series, Crummy Gummy uses his signature sense of humor and applies them to these photographs of plastic dolls/ toys who are wishing to look like someone new. For instance in his piece titled “Make Me Look Like Katy Perry” an elderly woman wishes to look young again and has an unrealistic vision of looking like the famous pop star. The artist is not stating that he dislikes or thinks plastic surgery is wrong but simply that you should have realistic expectations and an obsession to it can be very costly ( Not just talking about financially). 
As for the other series, you will see his love for travel and documenting the fun and unique experiences he encouters on those travels.

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Instagram: @CrummyGummy


Galleries / Shows/ Clients

  • PIQ Stores - Las Vegas, Orlando, NYC
  • Art Whino Gallery - Washington D.C. and Art Basel 
  • MF Gallery - Brooklyn, NY
  • SubUrban Art Gallery- Waldwick, New Jersey
  • Melrose LightSpace - Los Angeles, CA
  • Ghost Gallery- San Paulo, Brazil
  • Ugly Gallery- New Bedford, Mass
  • Parlor Gallery- Asbury Park, NJ
  • Gallery Meld - Kona, Hawaii
  • Hive Gallery- Los Angeles, CA
  • Candyality- Chicago, IL
  • The Pink Cow- Tokyo, Japan.
  • OneFive4 Gallery- Tijuana, Mexico
  • Collective Gallery- St. Petersburg, FL
  • Redefine Gallery- Orlando, FL
  • Companies I Have Worked With
  • Disney World
  • Vitamin Water
  • More Than Sunshine 
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